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Monday, January 21, 2013

Changing Gender Roles In Weddings

Flickr member PortraitsofGrace
Want a differnt take on a 'flower girl?' How about a cute guy tossing petals as he walks down the aisle?
So in the effort of proving that more than one person has done this (and you won't be the only one) see the photo above of yet another 'flower guy' strewing petals as he goes down the aisle. He sure looks like he's having fun!
Indiana University of Pennsylvania sociology professor, Robert Heasley who is also the president of the American Men's Studies’ Association notes that weddings are one of the last institutions strictly holding onto sex roles. He is quoted as saying:       

“We continue to have the marriage ceremony, but we’re slowly changing it to represent the greater balance of the genders,” he said. “It’s a significant shift to have the male be the flower girl because it introduces a male who represents gentility, flowers and femininity. It’s just another step toward the dismantling of the patriarchal formation of the marriage.”

So if you're willing to be a little bit out there and have a guy friend who doesn't take himself too seriously, this is a great way to make sure people talk about your wedding for years to come.

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