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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Have A Bad Wedding Photo? Try This!

OK, when I first saw this I thought it was a joke...but no more!  Check out the before and after photos of this wedding below:

I love seeing the dramatic difference Brett of  FIXsuckyPIX can make in a photo!  Brett is a high-end fashion photo retoucher who can turn your uncle's less than stellar photos into awesome photos that make it look like an expensive professional photographer shot your photos.  Brett's philosophy is "life can really suck sometimes but your photography doesn't have to."  Even if your uncle is using an inexpensive point and shoot camera, Brett can make your photos incredible!  Sounds like a great business to be in...making people happy!  Now if he can take the ten pounds off .... Brett says he's not in the make people look better biz but he can do it--hmmm...but here's what FIXsuckyPIX can do for you:
  • We couldn’t afford a wedding photographer, but our friends got some great snapshots. Can you make them look more professional? (post processing!)
  • This photo would be cool, if it weren’t for all that distracting crap in the background (magic eraser!)
  • Take these two family shots and edit them into one shot where everyone has their eyes open and is smiling. (photo merge!)
  • This photo of us exchanging our vows would be awesome if the officiant didn’t look stupid, but she looks great in this other photo. (head-swap!)
  • Crazy shit like, “edit out my crazy drunk uncle and make my dress red” or “can you put my head on my dog’s body?” (crazy!)
  • A souped up profile pic or user icon (avatar!)
What else can Brett do? He can delete out the 'photobombers' in your photos.  See below:

If that guy isn't scary I don't know who is! But you sure don't want that mug in your shot with your husband! So have Brett take care of the problem!  Magic! The prices aren't bad either.  Head to his web page for more info.

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