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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Equation of Love - A Memorable Save The Date Photo

Creative brides and grooms or their photographers can work together to create memorable photos, like the one above I titled "The Equation of Love."  The algebra of love is beautifully shown in this great picture and you could do a similar photo for your engagement shots or wedding day.  Anyone could make the plus, equal sign and the heart and tack them up on the rustic wall or a high fence for the same look this creative bride and groom put together with their wedding photographer.  This makes an easy DIY project that would look great on your STDs (Save the Dates) or to use as informal engagement shots.  You could even do the same set up for your wedding day as long as you have a venue that will allow you to tack up the signs or a parent, friend or neighbor willing to let you use their fence! I love creative brides, grooms and photographers! Photo link. 

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