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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Professional Wedding Videography -- How To DVD has produced this great DVD that offers tips to new videographers and DIYers. 
This 11-part video guides you through the steps to follow to produce a $1000 plus wedding video. This video is intended for the beginning wedding videographer but would be helpful to a DIYer as well.
There are examples from actual wedding videos which demonstrate the professional techniques you want to acquire.  Everything from B-roll, sound, timing and capturing those must have shots.  To purchase this video go to


  1. Ha! A gift for my sister's husband, the video geek!

  2. Hey Beth, know just the guy you mean, or his clone! THere's one in every family!

  3. My uncle would have fun w/this, will tell my aunt, she's always looking for an xmas gift for him that will keep him busy for the rest of the year.